Upgrade your web application instantly
with these Business Intelligence tools

Give customers internet service access to connect
them non-stop to your business processes

Customers follow these 6 easy steps to make a payment from a letter reminder

  • Account access credentials
  • Connect to the service
  • View account details
  • Enter payment details
  • Enter credit card details
  • Execute Payment
To connect the customer follows instructions on this payment reminder letter.

ePayWizard Debtor Letter
First time login user enter a system generated random code created for them at registration. Subsequent logins only require the username/ password combination.

ePayWizard Debtor Login
The user can view contact details and edit.

ePayWizard Debtor UI

The user can view account details.

ePayWizard Debtor UI
The user sets the payment details.

ePayWizard Debtor UI
The user enters the card payment information.

ePayWizard Select Letter Template
All payments are immediately redirected to your company merchant bank account.

ePayWizard Print Records

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