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Successfully connect customers to your process, optimized for their devices, so they can transact business with your company - online, anywhere, anytime. With just a few clicks you download a file that will power the selected module to run in your webisite environment - as your private-label service. Engage customers with a rich user experience on a trusted platform without the development time and expense - Delivers reliability and scaleability.
Customer Online Payments
Give Customers more billing and payment convenience with these easy-to-use account management tools - a self-service online experience with direct bank-level customer payments deposited straight into your account.
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Deploy this low-cost application to give your patients the latest technology to manage their healthcare acitivities such as viewing medical records, making prescription renewals and accessing online billing and payment services.
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Mortgage Negotiator
Get Customers connected to better manage Default, Property Disposition and Mortgage Loan Workflows. Communicate with customers more effectively in a secure environment with critical mortgage debt management tools.
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New Mortgage Tools
Give customers loan tools to help them make an informed decision, one that best suits their needs. Understanding the process, making calculations to prequalify affordable pricing, and getting live mortgage quotes are pre-purchase steps customers can take right from your website.
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Customer Support
Emails and customer login sessions connects you to your customers. Create customer generated business-class emails and login sessions through a rich webpage interface they can access from any device in a web browser on your website.
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Microsoft .NET Hosting
Microsoft Partner Gold Hosting
Billing & Collection
Mortgage Servicing
Mortgage Lending
OLTP Credit Card
Medical Patient Portal
Appoint Notification
Customer Support
Mortgage Workout
Mortgage New Loan
Automated Billing
Integrated Email
Integrated Messaging
Admin Workflow Center
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